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Why It’s Essential to Get an Insurance Quote in Watsonville Before the First Motorcycle Ride

Why It’s Essential to Get an Insurance Quote in Watsonville Before the First Motorcycle Ride

When someone is about to buy a motorcycle, finding an affordable Insurance Quote in Watsonville becomes a priority. Buying that bike may feel like a dream come true, something the person has been thinking about for years. But it’s important to cover all the financial bases, just as one does with a car or pickup truck. In addition to having routine maintenance done on the motorcycle, getting liability insurance and considering optional coverage is essential.

Relevant California Laws

California requires motorcyclists to carry liability insurance so they can pay for any injuries or damages they might cause. Statistics show that four-wheel vehicle drivers are usually the ones responsible when those cars and trucks get into collisions with motorcycles, but in some cases, the motorcyclist is responsible. In addition, the motorcyclist might get into a single-vehicle accident that injures a passenger.

Consequences of No Liability Coverage

Since California is a fault state in regard to automotive and motorcycle insurance, having liability coverage is crucial. Otherwise, if a motorcyclist causes an accident that harms someone else, this person is at risk of being sued and losing valuable property. Future wage garnishment is a possibility. Getting an Insurance Quote in Watsonville and purchasing coverage must be done before the very first ride.

If a motorcyclist is pulled over by a police officer and does not have the minimum insurance, the motorcycle driving privileges and bike registration may be suspended. The person now has to pay reinstatement fees in addition to buying the insurance he or she should have had all along.

Combining Insurance With One Company

Combining automotive and motorcycle insurance through the same company often is the most affordable option. The customer might see a reduced automotive insurance premium in addition to cheaper motorcycle coverage by obtaining quotes through an agency like Coast Auto Insurance.

Collision and Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive and collision coverage also are recommended because this type of insurance pays for repair or replacement of the bike in case of certain types of incidents. Comprehensive insurance covers damage due to storms and vandalism, while collision insurance pays if the owner caused an accident.

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