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Protect Your Business from the Maximum Amount of Risk

Posted by on Jan, 2019 in Insurance, Insurance Agency, Insurance Agents | 0 comments

While at least some type of insurance coverage is required by law for most businesses, most companies choose to only take advantage of the bare minimum as far as coverage. However, there are loads of reasons why opting for a heftier policy is a far more advantageous decision. Chances are, you have put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into owning your own business. So, doesn’t it make sense that you would want to protect from as many potential risks as possible? Experienced insurance agents aren’t just interested in making a sale, they are experts in risk management. A Talented Insurance Agency is a Valuable Asset for Your Company It is this expertise that allows them to become one of the most valuable assets to your company. That is of course, if you are willing to take an...

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Getting a Quote for Automobile Insurance in Cape Coral & Fort Myers, FL

Posted by on Dec, 2018 in Insurance Agents | 0 comments

You need to obtain a basic policy for auto insurance if you drive a car. The addition of car insurance as an expense is necessary to meet the regulations imposed by tort law. Tort legislation is meant to protect the public. Therefore, any quote you obtain for minimum coverage is designed to protect another driver or the property of another person or entity. Collision and Comprehensive Insurance You can also add automobile insurance in Cape Coral & Fort Myers, FL for you own personal use. Insurance of this nature falls under collision and comprehensive coverage. Usually, this type of insurance protection safeguards you if you are struck by another car and need to pay for the damage to your vehicle or your car gets pelted with hail and needs to be fixed. Have Your Car Been Vandalized? While collision...

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How To Find The Best Insurance Agent For You in Monroe County MI

Posted by on Nov, 2018 in Insurance Agents | 0 comments

As your life changes so do the needs of your family and your future. You want to make sure in the event that something unforeseen should happen that your family is taken care. When looking into what you need you should contact an insurance agent. In choosing an insurance agent you should be confidant in who you choose. The best way to go about finding an insurance agent is to ask around. You will find out the best and worst about any insurance agent by just asking those around you. Ask your attorney, accountant, neighbor, friend, colleague, and mechanic really any and everyone you know. You are placing your family and your future in the hands of your insurance agent. You want peace of mind that they are looking out for your best interest. Contact us or make an...

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5 Ways to Get Pet Insurance You Feel Good About

Posted by on Oct, 2018 in Insurance, Insurance Agents | 0 comments

Having your pet treated can cost you thousands in fees. If you want to keep those costs low, shopping for pet insurance in Tampa is one way to do it. To make sure you end up with the right insurance plan, here are a few tips to help you. Know what you’re looking for Do you want a discount plan or are you looking for a comprehensive insurance policy? Decide what you want before you shop around, The Balance says. Consider what your pet may need and balance that out with your budget. Look for a vet When you shop for pet insurance in Tampa, you’ll want to check if your vet is included as a provider for the insurance. If not, check out the vets included. You may find someone who rings the bell for you. Know what’s...

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What to do when you have a property insurance claim

Posted by on Nov, 2016 in Insurance Agents | 0 comments

It can be devastating to see something happen to your house that you didn’t foresee and weren’t able to prevent. Whether your property has been damaged because of vandalism or weather, the next step is to file a property insurance claim. Filing a property insurance claim may seem like a complex process but in reality, it isn’t too complicated. As long as you follow some basic guidelines you will be well on your way to getting your claim resolved. Contact your insurance company In order to file a property insurance claim, you will need to contact the carrier of your home insurance policy The insurance company that has your policy will be able to walk you through the process of filing your claim accurately. The better you are at inputting all of the information accurately, the higher chances of...

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Finding the Best Auto Insurance in San Jacinto, CA for You

Posted by on Nov, 2013 in Insurance Agents | 0 comments

If you are looking for auto insurance, then first look at your driving record and your credit records. You should probably contact a consumer reporting agency known as Choice Point Consumer Division for a copy of their data file about you. This organization maintains a data base supported by insurance companies, and it records information the insurance companies provide to them. Start with the three major credit bureaus for a copy of the credit file they maintain with your credit history. Also obtain your Fair Issac Credit Score. Of course you are asking why? When you apply to an insurance company for auto coverage, they will most likely check all or at least some of these companies for your credit and driving history which they believe may be relevant to rating your risk factor. Most people are not aware...

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