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When to File a Claim With Your Homeowners Insurance Agency in Milbury, MA

Homeowner’s insurance buys peace of mind as much as it does financial protection. It is a relief to know that help is there if the worst happens. Most homeowners know to call their homeowners insurance agency in Milbury MA after a large disaster like a fire or a tree falling on the roof. The confusion is what to do when there is a less serious mishap.

Calculate the Cost

Never file a claim without receiving a professional estimate first or researching the cost of replacement materials. The risk is that the total cost of the claim may be less than the deductible. The insurance company will cover none of the expense in this instance even though they will count the claim against the homeowner.

Factor the Risk

If a homeowner has filed two or more claims in the recent past they may want to reconsider filing again unless absolutely necessary. Weigh the amount of money the claim will pay out and the potential increase in the insurance premium to determine if it is worth the risk. Most insurance companies will begin increasing their rates when two claims are filed in three years or less.

Avoid Neglecting Maintenance

Damage caused by shoddy work or a lack of maintenance will stand out to the insurance company. A homeowners insurance agency in Milbury MA stays profitable by understanding risk. A home that is poorly maintained will need more frequent and more expensive repairs than one that is cared for correctly. If the insurance company flags a client as being high-risk they should expect their premiums to rise.

Understand the Policy

Do not file a claim until certain it is something the insurance company covers. Check the policy first and only contact the company if absolutely necessary to avoid any notes in the account about a potential claim. Even if a claim is refused because it is not covered it will still be considered a filed claim to the insurance company.

Choosing a local insurance agency makes it easier to file claims, get advice and get connected with reliable adjusters and contractors in the area. Visit Northeast Insurance Agency Inc to learn more about homeowner’s coverage and how to get the best coverage for the lowest cost.

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