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Questions And Concerns About Commercial Auto Insurance In Santa Cruz

by | Nov 17, 2016 | Auto Insurance

In California, business owners secure auto insurance based on how they use their vehicles. These requirements may lead to further insurance purchases if the vehicle is used for dual purposes. The following are questions and concerns about Commercial Auto Insurance in Santa Cruz.

What are the Minimum Coverage Levels for the Insurance?

The minimum coverage levels for commercial auto insurance begin with a $15,000 minimum for the initial injury sustained by the first victim. It provides $30,000 if more than one victim is injured or dies during the accident. The total coverage requirement for property damage is $5,000.

What is Defined as Business Purposes?

Business purposes are defined by the scope of the services provided by the company. For example, they may use the automobile for shipping purposes inside or outside the state. They could also apply to smaller vehicles that are used to deliver smaller products to a customer or used to travel to these customer’s location.

Who is Authorized to Operate the Vehicle?

The only individuals authorized to operate the vehicle are those who purpose business services for the company or the owner. The driver’s license required for the vehicle is defined by the type of vehicle. Any vehicles that require a commercial driver’s licenses cannot be operated by anyone without this license type.

Do Business Hours Affect Insurance Coverage?

If the company doesn’t perform services after-hours, the business hours could affect coverage. These hours impose limitations on coverage if the vehicle is driven beyond these hours for non-business purposes. The terms of the policy define if these limitations are valid.

When is Personal Auto Insurance Required?

The owner must acquire personal auto insurance coverage if they drive the vehicle for personal reasons. The additional coverage provides payment for any liabilities that result from an auto accident. It pays for property damage and medical coverage for the victim.

In California, business owners protect their vehicle through adequate insurance coverage. However, if the vehicle is used for additional reasons, further coverage is needed. Business owners who need Commercial Auto Insurance in Santa Cruz visit us website for a free quote to accommodate their requirements today.


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