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Exclusions Common to a Homeowner’s Insurance Company in Des Moines IA

Many exclusions can be found in standard homeowner’s insurance policies. For instance, an insured party usually understands that flooding damage isn’t covered unless specific coverage has been purchased. However, many clients don’t understand that a sewage backup isn’t covered, and surprises at such a time can be doubly unpleasant. Below is a review of some of the most common homeowner’s insurance exclusions.

Exclusions Related to Business

A Homeowners Insurance Company Des Moines IA typically denies claims related to businesses. For instance, if a delivery driver trips and falls while bringing a work-related package, the homeowner is liable unless they have business liability coverage. Those with home businesses should consider buying this type of insurance.

Home Office Exclusions

Those with home offices should not assume that their office equipment is protected under the policy’s personal possessions coverage. A homeowner’s policy usually caps coverage for the business property at about $2500, and it drops further if any of the property is taken out of the home. For low-risk businesses, a rider that increases coverage to the amount stated in the policy can cost less than $100 per year. For higher-risk businesses, a separate business policy fromĀ domain URL is a worthy consideration.

Sewage Backups

A Homeowners Insurance Company Des Moines IA does not cover damage from sewer-related flooding. For that type of coverage, clients must buy a special policy that costs about $50 a year for roughly $10,000 coverage. Sewage backups are a hazard that most people assume is covered, but those people are shocked when their related claims are denied.

Exclusions Related to Animal Attacks

Some insurers are starting to write policies that specifically exclude animal attack injuries such as dog bites. Policies with such language do not cover owners for damages caused by their animals, regardless of breed. Other policies specifically exclude certain breeds, and owners are liable for injuries caused by their animals regardless of homeowner’s insurance coverage.

Attractive Nuisance Exclusions

Certain backyard additions such as trampolines are considered attractive nuisances and are not covered by a homeowner’s policy. Even if someone uses the trampoline without the homeowner’s permission, or if there are posted warning signs, the homeowner could face litigation if a person is injured. Some policies specifically exclude trampolines and other attractive nuisances.

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