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Getting a Quote for Automobile Insurance in Cape Coral & Fort Myers, FL

You need to obtain a basic policy for auto insurance if you drive a car. The addition of car insurance as an expense is necessary to meet the regulations imposed by tort law. Tort legislation is meant to protect the public. Therefore, any quote you obtain for minimum coverage is designed to protect another driver or the property of another person or entity.

Collision and Comprehensive Insurance

You can also add automobile insurance in Cape Coral & Fort Myers, FL for you own personal use. Insurance of this nature falls under collision and comprehensive coverage. Usually, this type of insurance protection safeguards you if you are struck by another car and need to pay for the damage to your vehicle or your car gets pelted with hail and needs to be fixed.

Have Your Car Been Vandalized?

While collision automobile insurance gives you money to fix your car when it is involved in a wreck, comprehensive insurance is meant to cover your car if it is vandalized or damaged from the elements. You can also buy uninsured and underinsured motorist protection if the driver that hits you is not insured or partly covered.

How Rates Are Determined

Your choice of an automobile insurance policy will be based on the age of your car, the amount of mileage you drive annually, and where you drive your car. It can also be based on where you live. For example, you may need more coverage if you live in a high-crime neighborhood than if you live in a place that has a relatively low crime rate.

Who to Contact in Florida

The type of coverage you eventually select will depend, as well, on your gender or age. Usually, women who are middle-aged get the best rates because they have fewer accidents statistically. If you would like to learn more about auto insurance packages, contact a company, such as Lee County Insurance Agency, today.

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