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4 Tips for Getting Affordable Vehicle Insurance Coverage in Chicago

4 Tips for Getting Affordable Vehicle Insurance Coverage in Chicago

Everyone worries about lowering their monthly bills to make ends meet. If the cost of your car insurance is alarming, there are some ways that you can try to lower it. Getting affordable vehicle insurance coverage in Chicago is possible if you take into consideration these four tips:

Get Only the Coverage You Need

Of course, everyone must carry a certain amount of coverage in order to drive legally in Chicago. But there are many types of coverage above and beyond what you have to have, that you may be paying for without needing. For example, you could be paying more every month for low-deductible insurance. But if you rarely ever have issues with your car, and you consider yourself a safe driver who isn’t likely to get into an accident, you may want to consider raising your deductible. Yes, you’ll pay more in the event of an accident – but your monthly payment will be lower for your daily life.

Protect Your Driving Record

Did you know that accidents and traffic violations are some of the biggest factors that make insurance rates go up? In fact, insurance premiums are directly tied to your driving record. So if you have a good driving record, work to keep it that way. If your record isn’t so great, consider allowing your insurance to track your driving so that you can earn a discount for safer driving.

Ask for Discounts

Most vehicle insurance coverage in Chicago is presented to consumers as being the price that it is. Companies don’t want to tell you about their discounts if they don’t have to, because why would they want to lose money? It never hurts to ask if you are eligible for any discounts, such as homeowner’s discounts, low-mileage discounts, student discounts, and more.

Keep Your Credit Score Up

Finally, be sure to protect your overall financial health, not just what relates to your car insurance. Insurance premiums can go up if your credit score dips, and you’ll find it harder to get good deals on auto coverage if your score isn’t that great. Pay all your bills on time and reduce your outstanding balances to qualify for better rates on car insurance.

These four tips are the best ways to get lower car insurance rates if you’ve already shopped around and compared. To learn more about affordable vehicle insurance in Chicago, contact us at Great Northern Insurance Agency at 773-838-3900.

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