3 Easy Ways to Save Money on Car Insurance in Boston

by | Nov 30, 2013 | Insurance

In today’s economy, car insurance rates are on the rise, and Boston is no exception. Luckily, there are more ways than ever for savvy drivers to snag discounts that can dramatically lower the cost of their Car Insurance in Boston. If the expense of your policy is becoming too much to handle, keep reading to learn some smart ways to reduce rates, and be sure to talk to the professionals at the Sawyer Insurance Agency Inc. for competitive insurance rates and even more ways to save.

Consider Switching Cars

Most people tend to overlook the fact that the type of vehicle they drive has the biggest impact on their insurance costs. If saving money is a priority, you may want to rethink driving a sport or luxury model car. According to Forbes magazine, these types of vehicles can cost up to 3 times as much to insure as a safety-rated economy car, crossover SUV or minivan. When it’s time for a new car, choosing wisely can save you a bundle on your insurance premium.

Drive Safe

Your driving record affects your insurance rates significantly. Driving smart and safe to avoid moving violations and fender-benders is one of the easiest ways to avoid price increases on your policy. Additionally, many agencies now offer discounts to drivers who maintain a clean driving record for a specified period of time. You can further reduce your Car Insurance in Boston by taking a defensive driving course. These classes are typically offered through the Department of Motor Vehicles and are relatively inexpensive. Depending on your insurer, successful completion of this class can cut your insurance costs from 10 to 20%.

Guard Against Theft

Taking measures to protect your vehicle against theft and vandalism can significantly lower your Car Insurance in Boston. According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, automobile insurers in Massachusetts are required to offer a discount to drivers who outfit their vehicles with anti-theft devices, and savings can range from 5 to 30%. Depending on the discount your insurer is offering, this can lead to a dramatic reduction in insurance costs.

Automobile insurance can be a large part of your overall transportation expenses, but there are many ways to reduce the cost. Using the strategies above can go a long way towards drastically reducing the price of your insurance policy. Visit Sawyer Insurance Agency Inc. for more information.


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