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Finding the Best Auto Insurance in San Jacinto, CA for You

Finding the Best Auto Insurance in San Jacinto, CA for You

If you are looking for auto insurance, then first look at your driving record and your credit records. You should probably contact a consumer reporting agency known as Choice Point Consumer Division for a copy of their data file about you.

This organization maintains a data base supported by insurance companies, and it records information the insurance companies provide to them. Start with the three major credit bureaus for a copy of the credit file they maintain with your credit history. Also obtain your Fair Issac Credit Score. Of course you are asking why?

When you apply to an insurance company for auto coverage, they will most likely check all or at least some of these companies for your credit and driving history which they believe may be relevant to rating your risk factor. Most people are not aware of Choice Point, but everyone should be. This company compiles your claim records, driving violations, and law suits filed naming you as a Plaintiff. You can challenge any information you find in these records. The National Consumer Law Center, a most highly respected consumer protection agency, recommends that everyone check the files of these data compiling companies once a year.

If you believe after checking these data sources that you have a very good record and a FICO score above 650, then you can shop for auto insurance with a degree of confidence that you will not be penalized. If you are quoted an exorbitant rate, then you have the right to ask the insurance company if you were rated based on information contained in these files.

When you start to look for Auto Insurance in San Jacinto, CA, make a chart with the left hand column identifying the coverage you want. Some coverage is mandated by the state, and other coverage like car rental is a matter of choice. Next, start making calls to insurance companies or agents, and make columns on your chart for each company you call. Identify on the chart the amount you are quoted. Each company you contact will have a column. For example, Insurance Services Inc. could be the first column, and then you post each quote for each coverage they offer. When you are finished, you will have a matrix of insurance companies, their coverage and their charges. This will also help you with discussing insurance with Auto Insurance in San Jacinto, CA.


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