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Why Purchase Flood Insurance in Lancaster County, PA?

by | Aug 2, 2016 | Insurance

Home and business owners alike typically understand the importance of purchasing property insurance. Should a natural disaster or accident occur, they want to be covered. However, what many people do not realize is that basic homeowner’s insurance does not come with flood protection. Flood insurance in Lancaster County PA must be added to an existing policy in order to protect the building from flood damage.

Although it will increase the cost of monthly premiums, most agree that the additional price is worth paying. With this purchase a home or business owner gets a little extra peace of mind. Particularly in states like Pennsylvania, where coastal hurricanes sometimes push inland and bring with them torrents of extra water, purchasing an additional policy is a good move to protect already existing investments. Some plans have provisions for issues like basement flooding due to water heater or tank malfunction as well. Discuss any particular needs with a qualified insurance agent before purchase.

If a hurricane hits and an uninsured building is damage, the owners may well be left out in the rain. But those who have purchased Flood Insurance in Lancaster County PA at least one month in advance of the storm can rest assured that they will be reimbursed for this damage. Most companies also offer partial reimbursement payments immediately after the damage has been done so that owners can get to work immediately on repairing their properties. Do note that most policies require thirty days to go into effect, so waiting until a storm is on the horizon may leave potential policy holders out of luck.

Particularly on the East Coast, floods occur more often than many people think. The National Weather Service actually ranks them number one among the country’s natural disasters. With the increasing uncertainty of the weather and signs that storms are only becoming more fierce than ever, now is a good time to consider adding a necessary provision to an insurance policy. Don’t get left out in the rain after a storm hits. Check out visit us website to find out more about obtaining a home or commercial property insurance plan that includes flood insurance, or adding it to an already existing plan.


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