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What You Should Know About Auto Insurance In Monterey

The state of California requires that all drivers fulfill their financial responsibility when purchasing Auto Insurance in Monterey. This requirement applies to all automobiles that are registered in the county, whether they are operational or not. Any deviation in maintaining the required minimum results in penalties, including license and registration suspension.

What You Should Know

First, the state requires that all drivers maintain no less than liability insurance. The policy should provide coverage for no less than $15,000 per individual injured in the accident with a maximum of $30,000. It should list $5,000 as the allotted value for property damage. The policy covers expenses for the victim of the accident and not the policy holder. If he or she requires coverage for their own vehicle, they should purchase comprehensive or collision insurance.

California drivers are not restricted to liability insurance in terms of upholding their financial responsibility. They have the option to deposit $35,000 into a fund with the Department of Motor Vehicles, acquire a self-insurance certificate, or a surety bond in the amount of $35,000.

Cancellation of Insurance

An Auto Insurance in Monterey policy which is canceled will generate an immediate notification of fines were applied to automobiles that are not covered. To prevent fines, it is urgent that the driver notifies the DMV at any time that they cancel their insurance. They should have proof that they are changing policies or sold the automobile. If any time that the vehicle owner acquires an alternative to liability insurance, he or she should notify the DMV of this change.

Any failure to notify the DMV could result in license and registration suspension, which requires the driver to provide proof of insurance to acquire reinstatement. These drivers are subject to fees to acquire a new driver’s license and registration, if a fine is applied to their account. If the driver has valid proof of insurance and receives a notification from the DMV, he or she should submit valid proof of insurance to the agency immediately. Any driver who requires automobile insurance can contact Coast Auto Insurance to receive a free quote.

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