What Type of Insurance Does Your Burleson Home Need?

by | Sep 4, 2012 | Insurance

Here in Burleson we don’t worry too much about things like earthquakes. You also probably don’t have to worry about a terrorist attack on Burleson. However, there are certainly things that can and do happen in Burleson that would be devastating if you didn’t have home insurance. Anything from a flood to a fire can cause the kind of damage that you just can’t recover from, and financially that can mean the destruction of your entire way of life.

General Home Insurance Coverage in Burleson

Most home insurance is going to cover certain fairly common things that can befall your house. First and foremost, you should have fire insurance. In the case of a fire, you hope that the Burleson Fire Department will make it before your home and all your belongings have burned to the ground. But even if there’s just a bit of damage to your house, the damage to belongings can be just as devastating. Smoke from a fire causes everything to be covered in soot and smell like fire, and when you add to that the water that the fire department has been dumping on your home – well, it’s like a big, ugly soup made of your belongings.

Make sure that your home insurance covers both the house itself and the belongings inside your house. It’s also a good idea to have a catalogue of valuable items written down somewhere – preferably not somewhere that it can get burnt with the rest of the house. Insurance companies may require that you provide lists of valuables before they pay out what they owe you.

Extras – Floods, Storms, Tornadoes, Water

Another major reason to buy home insurance is to protect yourself from water damage. Whether the water comes in the form of a big Burleson summer thunderstorm, or if a flooding stream of river comes up into your basement, water damage can effect the structure of your home. Home insurance should cover water damage no matter what the cause. Even if you leave the water in the sink running and it overflows and causes water damage to your floors and ceilings, the insurance should pay for the expenses – that’s why you pay them those premiums.

Make sure that extras or special circumstances won’t be a disaster for you. Naturally, if a tornado takes away your roof, the trauma and damage will be significant. Don’t add a financial disaster to the mix. Carefully read the home insurance terms so you know exactly what is covered.

To protect your home from any potential threat, contact Harmon Insurance Agency. Harmon has been protecting Burleson homes with secure and comprehensive home insurance for over 30 years.


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