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What Should Be Included in the Medical Coverage in a Policy for Auto Insurance in Monroe, MI?

While much of the focus of a plan for Auto Insurance in Monroe MI has to do with damage sustained to the vehicle, it is possible to purchase a plan that comes with what is known as medical payments coverage. This provision in the plan can come in handy when some type of injury results from the accident. To make sure the scope of coverage is really what the buyer wants, always ask these questions before signing anything.

Who is Covered?

With this benefit included in the Auto Insurance in Monroe MI, the driver is covered in the event of an injury. Anyone who is riding in the car at the time is also covered. The provisions also extend to anyone who is in the other vehicle involved in the accident. Typically, the coverage will kick in when any other form of medical coverage held by each injured party is exhausted.

What Type of Situations are Covered?

Along with collisions involving one or more vehicles, the scope of the medical coverage will also come in handy with a few other situations. For example, the covered party may be walking on a sidewalk when a car swerves and strikes the pedestrian. The same holds true if the covered party is bicycling along a street and the driver of a car strikes the cyclist.

Does the Medical Coverage Include Dental Care?

Many auto insurance plans with medical benefits will cover dental procedures provided there is a direct connection between the injury and the need form some type of reconstruction work. For example, if the covered party loses teeth as a result of the accident, the terms of the policy will cover the costs of dental implants or dentures, less whatever the deductible amount may be.

After making sure the other provisions in the auto insurance plan provide a reasonable amount of coverage, take a close look at what is covered by the medical portion and how it would work in conjunction with a health insurance policy. Visit us today and talk to an agent about what sort of coverage is needed. It won’t take long to come up with the right plan and be prepared for whatever could happen.

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