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What Drivers Need To Know About Auto Insurance In Austin, TX

In Texas, all drivers are required to fulfill their financial responsibility by purchasing auto insurance. The drivers must purchase at least the minimum requirements, but they are not limited to the minimum coverage level. They must provide proof of insurance coverage each time they are stopped by law enforcement. A local insurer offers Auto Insurance in Austin TX to meet the needs of consumers.

The Standard Mandate

Currently, all drivers who register a vehicle in Texas must purchase auto liability insurance. The policy provides a minimum of $30,000 for single injuries and a maximum of $60,000 when multiple individuals are injured. It must also offer at least $25,000 for property damage incurred in a single accident.

What Happens if Drivers Don’t Have Insurance

If the driver doesn’t purchase and maintain the minimum coverage level, the state imposes criminal and administrative penalties. The standard fine for no insurance coverage is around $200. However, repeat offenses could generate higher fines, revocation of the vehicle’s registration, and SR-22 requirements.

What Coverage is Needed for an Auto Loan?

All drivers who have an existing automobile loan must purchase full coverage insurance for the vehicle. The policies include collision and comprehensive insurance policies. The combination of the policies protects the driver’s and the lender’s investment. The policies cover the full cost of the vehicle if it is totaled due to an auto accident or collision. The insurance also provides rental car services for the policyholder while they search for a new vehicle.

What Affects the Insurance Premiums?

Initially, the driver’s credit score and their driving record affect the exact premiums they pay. Over time, the policyholder is entitled to certain discounts based on maintaining a safe driving record. If they add more than one automobile to their policy, the policyholder could reduce their premiums, too.

In Texas, all drivers are required to follow auto insurance laws or face penalties. The purpose of the state insurance mandate is to reduce the total number of lawsuits filed for auto accidents. With adequate coverage, all drivers receive funds to cover medical expenses and auto repair costs. Drivers who need to buy Auto Insurance in Austin TX contact Patrick Court now.

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