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What Does Health Insurance Cover

What Does Health Insurance Cover

Whether you have private health insurance or health insurance that is provided by the government’s Affordable Healthcare Act that became law this year, you should keep track of what your policy covers or doesn’t cover because you don’t want to wait until it is time for you to visit the doctor to get the information. Here is what St. Augustine health insurance covers and doesn’t cover.

Eye And Dental Benefits

Generally St. Augustine Health Insurance Will Cover Eye Exams, Prescription Glasses And Contact Lenses. This health insurance also generally includes dental checkups and certain dental procedures. This is especially good news for low income families because they often cannot afford to pay for dental and eye care out of pocket. When you present your insurance card you pay a small amount for the visit while your insurance company pays the rest.

Prenatal Care

Most health insurance companies in St Augustine area will cover prenatal care. However, some companies view pregnancy as a pre-existing condition and therefore will not cover it but under the new Affordable Care Act, it should be easier for women to have prenatal care under their insurance plan since the new law requires this coverage. If you have no private health insurance but if you have Medicaid, you can get coverage for prenatal care.

What About Cancer Treatments?

Some traditional health insurance policies cover cancer exams and procedures but this is not true with every policy. If your regular St. Augustine health insurance policy doesn’t cover adequate cancer-related procedures you can purchase a separate cancer insurance policy to get the maximum coverage you need. The cancer insurance plan works well for those who have a history of the illness and who may have to deal with it in the future.

Tips on Getting The Best St. Augustine Health Insurance

When looking for the right health insurance you want to think about the kind of coverage you need based on your current medical needs. You should also compare prices of different plans but don’t let affordability supersede quality of the policy. Find out if your insurance plan covers pre-existing conditions and look at the company’s list of doctors to see if they have a good reputation with patients.

Most St. Augustine health insurance companies cover your basic medical services but they do not always cover the extra medical expenses that come up at times. Keep this in mind as you look at health insurance options.

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