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What Are Your Needs for Auto Insurance in San Jose?

What Are Your Needs for Auto Insurance in San Jose?

If you wish to meet the state’s legal requirements for liability insurance, you will need to obtain a quote from a reputable insurance agent to make sure that you are covered in this respect. While most motorists are covered for basic liability, they may also elect to take out collision or comprehensive insurance.

Collision and Comprehensive Policies

Liability auto insurance in San Jose is used to repair another person’s car or is used to pay for the other party’s medical costs. On the other hand, collision and comprehensive insurance are purchased to repair your auto or reimburse you for the auto’s current value if the car cannot be repaired. The state does not require that you purchase collision or comprehensive insurance. However, if you lease your car, you will need to take out this extra protection.

While collision auto insurance pays you if your auto crashes into a structure or another car, comprehensive insurance is designed to pay for a car that is stolen or is damaged from a natural event or vandalism. Therefore, the insurance covers your car in the event that it is damaged by a storm, flood, explosion, earthquake, falling object, or similar destructive activity.

Typically, collision and comprehensive insurance are sold as one package and feature a deductible. The deductible is the amount you will pay out of pocket before the insurance takes care of the rest of the costs. If you select a higher deductible, it reduces the premium you have to pay.

Gap Insurance Coverage

If you are leasing your auto, a leasing company may also require that you take out gap insurance. If the car cannot be repaired, this type of protection pays the difference between the car’s worth and the amount that is owed on the lease. In most instances, this expense is included in the lease. This type of insurance may also be included in a car loan. If your car is wrecked beyond repair and you must pay more on the loan than the insurance company will provide, gap insurance can help.

Learn more about your car insurance options by going online and reviewing a site such as If you need to insure your car, make sure that you obtain sufficient coverage.

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