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Understanding Auto Registration Requirements In San Jacinto, CA

Auto Registration in San Jacinto, CA is provided through an insurance provider as well as the tag and title department in your county. New mandates require that all individuals are required to present proof of auto insurance before receiving new or updated auto registrations. With these changes, you can now register your new vehicles through your insurance provider and acquire the necessary documentation you are required to carry.

New Laws and Mandates

Recently new state laws have required that local tag and title departments to secure proof of insurance for all vehicle owners before presenting them with updated registration information. This requirement is to enforce the requirement that all owners carry at least liability insurance coverage. This form of coverage will provide payment for repairs and other expenditures after an automobile accident. The policy only pays out if you are deemed at fault for the accident.

These new mandates are designed to prevent the need for litigation after an automobile accident. In the past litigation cases that involved car accident victims additionally involved uninsured motorists who failed to pay for automobile repairs and medical costs for the accident victims. With this new mandate in play, the drivers have liability insurance to cover these costs.

Local Provider

Insurance provides insurance policies to meet your needs. These policies include homeowner’s, automobile, and business insurance. The agents within this insurance company can additionally provide you with vehicle registration to update your tag or to register a new vehicle. If you are required to carry full coverage insurance due to lender guidelines, this agency can submit documentation to your lender to validate your insurance policy. For a free insurance quote, you may contact this provider locally or submit a request through their company website.


Auto Registration in San Jacinto, CA is required each year by all automobile owners. It is additionally require within a short amount of time after you purchase a new vehicle. This service is available through select automobile insurance providers. New laws require that all automobile owners carry at least liability insurance. They additionally require all owners to present proof of this insurance before acquiring new vehicle registration.

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