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Umbrella Insurance in Pennsylvania

When looking for auto insurance in Philadelphia or elsewhere in Pennsylvania, a customer can go with a company that provides auto insurance only. But many companies offer a wide variety of insurance types in addition to auto policies, as well as many related services. Combining Auto Insurance in Philadelphia with other types of insurance policies can offer many benefits to both the individual and business policyholder.

“Umbrella” companies like imperial agency in Philadelphia represent a number of different insurance agencies and therefore can cover nearly all of a customer’s insurance needs. A range of premiums for low-risk and high-risk drivers should be offered, as well as discounts for multiple policies and safe driving records. In addition to personal cars, these companies will offer policies for trucks (personal and commercial), homeowners’ insurance with up to 40% discounts for new homes and alarm systems, renters’ and condo insurance, and policies for motorcycle owners. As of 2009, all businesses and contractors must carry at least $50,000 worth of liability insurance according to the Pennsylvania Home Improvement Consumer Protection Act, and these umbrella agencies can help with these policies as well. Even if a business only operates seasonally, it’s a good idea to maintain continuous coverage, as new policies are more expensive than renewing an existing policy. If a number of a business employees drive its vehicles, the policy should clearly list the insured drivers or offer “permissive coverage” that insures everyone in the company. All individual and business policyholders should also find out whether their providers are available 24-7 or only during weekday business hours.

A good umbrella insurance agency should use state-of-the-art computer technology to expedite every aspect of the policy process. They can often offer same-day approval and coverage and instant comparison of rates. This technology can handle instant processing of address changes, liens, licenses, license plates, and vehicle titles. These companies often also offer an on-site notary service for all types of legal documents, not only those related to insurance. An umbrella insurance company can handle all of a policyholder’s insurance needs comprehensively, efficiently, and cost-effectively in Philadelphia and elsewhere in Pennsylvania.

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