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Types of Home Insurance Coverage

Buying and owning a home is a big deal to most people. It is a huge investment that they spent years saving up for and they will spend years more paying off. It is the place that they will start a family, raise their kids, laugh in, and hopefully grow old in. No one wants to worry about something happening to their home. However, when something does happen to your home, it can be devastating and costly. It is important to have home insurance in Fort Myers in order to help replace any damage that might happen to your home. Here are some of the top types of home insurance in Fort Myers that you should get for your home.

Replacement Value

The first type of home insurance in Fort Myers that you should consider getting is replacement value insurance. This insurance will insure your home for the amount that it would take to rebuild your house in the event of loss. It is not based on market value since this number fluctuates from year to year and instead they look at the material and labor costs for duplicating your home.

Personal Property

Another type of home insurance in Fort Myers that you should consider is personal property insurance. This insurance will help to cover any of your personal property that is in the home. This includes furniture, clothing, and other valuables that are kept in your home. Your insurance will usually insure your belongings up to 70% of what the value of your home is, but if you have many antiques or expensive artwork it is important to get it appraised and then insured in case something happens.


Liability is a good type of insurance to have in case anyone falls or is in an accident at your home. This insurance will pay for any medical expenses, legal fees and any settlements that are reached if a lawsuit is filed against you. Falls and slips can happen all of the time-ice can make the driveway slippery, someone could slip and fall in your pool, or even just trip in your yard. It is important to have enough liability insurance in order to cover it all.

Living Expenses

Living expenses insurance is a great type of insurance to have in case something happens that forces you and your family out of your home. If a natural disaster hits and you are not able to live in your home while it is being fixed, or you do not have a home left after the weather hit, then you will have to live outside of the home either in a hotel or with some other arrangement. Living expenses insurance will cover all or part of these expenses depending on the amount that you signed up for.

If you have questions about home insurance Fort Myers contact Your Florida Insurance Agency. They can help protect what is most important to you, simply by calling them.

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