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Selecting Proper Commercial Insurance in Tulsa, OK

Selecting Proper Commercial Insurance in Tulsa, OK

A business is a huge investment, so it is important to make sure it is insured properly to protect it. There are several types of Commercial Insurance in Tulsa OK, and not all apply to every business. Policies and the amounts of coverage depend on the size of the businesses, the type of businesses, whether a product is made or a service is provided, how many people are employed by the businesses, and many other factors. If the business owner is the only employee, for example, worker’s compensation insurance is not needed.

One type of policy that is needed for all businesses is premises liability insurance. That covers any injuries, accidents, or property damage that happens on the business property. If a customer trips on the sales floor and requires medical attention, premises liability insurance will cover medical expenses. All businesses need it, but the amounts will vary depending on the size of the business and the risks of accidents. A construction business should carry a high amount of liability insurance because of all the things that can happen on a construction site. Passers-by can stumble over a hole, scaffolding can collapse and hit someone on the head, tools can fall and break a toe, and a backhoe can damage the neighbor’s fence during a renovation project.

Selecting the proper Commercial Insurance in Tulsa OK, can be confusing to business owners, especially new owners. An independent insurance agent can explain all the types of policies that exist, recommend the ones that will benefit a particular business, and find policies that will suit the business needs and budget. Product liability coverage can protect a business from a defective product lawsuit. An umbrella policy can mean the difference between a business surviving or folding after being ordered to pay out millions of dollars in a settlement.

Business owners can browse this site to learn about the many types of commercial insurance policies, how each one protects a business, and how to set up an appointment to speak to an experienced independent agent. Owners spend a lot of time, money, and effort building a business, so they should take the time to find appropriate coverage to protect their assets.

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