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Save Money by Selecting the Right Commercial Auto Insurance Agent

Save Money by Selecting the Right Commercial Auto Insurance Agent

As a business owner, getting the best commercial insurance is a priority. If you have recently acquired one or more new vehicles, it is the opportune time to talk to a commercial auto insurance agent to discuss options. Whether your business uses cars, vans, trucks or you operate a mixed fleet, be sure to get several quotes before you commit.

It is not easy finding the best commercial auto insurance. It takes time and perseverance. Premiums vary considerably from one insurer to another. The best way to get the best coverage for the best price is to hire people with spotless driving records, accept a higher deductible, and work with an independent agent or broker that is best suited to tailor a policy that suits your needs.

Commercial Auto Insurance for Any Size Business

A core consideration that any commercial auto insurance agent makes is the size of your business. The specifics of the policy and the corresponding premium will depend a great deal on the number of vehicles being insured, their types, and the usage. A taxi will invariably have a higher premium than a typical company car, but the premium will be lower than a commercial van or truck.

Regardless of whether you are self-employed or the owner of a large business, it is important to review your insurances and the premiums you pay. If you are self-employed, do not assume that the coverage you have for your personal vehicle covers any accidents in which vehicles used for your business may be involved. If you are transporting people or goods, you need commercial auto insurance.

For companies that operate many vehicles, compare quotes on insurance. Usually, a single policy will allow you to make a claim when any vehicle owned and operated by the company is involved in an incident. Visit Boardwalk Insurance Group, LLC for more info.

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