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Protect Your Company Against Worker-Related Liabilities in Peoria, AZ

by | Nov 18, 2022 | Insurance

Worker’s compensation insurance provides financial assistance for employees after work-related injuries. These policies pay all medical expenses for workers associated with their work injuries. In addition, if they cannot return to work, they receive monetary benefits to support themselves financially until they recover. Contacting a workers’ compensation insurance agent near me Peoria, AZ gives you more details about coverage.

When Do You Need Worker’s Comp?

You must purchase worker’s comp insurance if you hire more than one employee. Even if the workers are your relatives, you need the coverage to provide these benefits to the workers if they are injured while performing work duties. Discussing the policies with a workers’ compensation insurance agent near me Peoria, AZ shows how much coverage you need.

How Are Claims Managed?

A claims adjuster with the insurer visits the worksite and assesses the worker’s medical files. To get coverage, the worker must have been inside the workplace, including remote workspaces for special projects or completing job duties for the company.

Once the adjuster determines the worker is eligible for coverage, they evaluate the injuries to determine if they should receive monetary benefits to replace their wages. The medical records will show how long it takes to recover from the injuries.

Companies need this insurance coverage to provide benefits to workers and pay for medical expenses. In addition, these policies can reduce the risk of legal claims against your company.

Under federal law, worker’s compensation insurance is required for all companies that hire more than one worker. The insurance covers medical expenses related to a work injury and replaces wages with monetary benefits. Speaking to an agent gives you more insight into what you get by purchasing the policies.


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