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How to Shop for Affordable Auto Insurance in Lansing MI?

How to Shop for Affordable Auto Insurance in Lansing MI?

If you did not know already, it is illegal to drive on public roads without auto insurance in Lansing MI. Although different states will have different laws put into place, it is essential that you get the most basic form of auto insurance in Lansing MI – liability insurance. Your driving license, your job and your freedom could all be at stake if you do not find a reliable company to assist you but the question remains on most motorists’ minds – how do I find affordable insurance? Well, the average policy costs almost $800 a year for most American’s but with the following tips, you could get auto insurance in Lansing MI for even cheaper.

Be Smart With Your Money

You will need to spend money on auto insurance in Lansing MI either with monthly payments or a one-off payment. Whatever option you choose, you should make sure you are getting the maximum amount of coverage for the lowest price before you sign any documents. Compare quotes offered by various companies and check your credit score before you pay for the policy. Why, you ask? Well, the lower your credit score, the higher a risk you are to the insurance company therefore you can expect the policy to be cheaper if you are smart with your money.

Selecting the Premium

The premium is the amount you pay to cover certain repairs if you collide with another vehicle or have an accident on the roads. The higher the premium for auto insurance in Lansing MI, the more money you could save on the overall costs. In fact, if you toggle with the deductible you could save 30 percent. However, you should set some money aside or make sure you are financially stable before you go down this route, because you will need to hand the money over to the insurance company if you make a claim.

Choosing a Suitable Policy

Now comes the hard part – finding a suitable policy. Try not to skimp on coverage when you are seeking out auto insurance in Lansing MI because some policies do not protect you against theft, vandalism and fire. Most auto insurance experts advise motorists to take out at least $100,000 worth of protection for bodily injury. Remember that the more expensive the car the more the repair costs will be, leading to an increase in price. Only buy what you need and make sure the company is able to deal with claims promptly and efficiently.


By creating a list of insurers that offer auto insurance in Lansing MI you can use the Internet to research each one and find out who offers coverage for the best price. Make sure you work with a company that is licensed and consider things such as your annual mileage, engine size and vehicle security system.


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