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How to Get Your RV Ready for a Road Trip

There’s nothing quite as exciting as hitting the open road in your RV. While you know it’s important to have the tires fully inflated and make sure your RV extended warranty is in place, you may not know what else needs to be done to get your RV ready. Don’t worry; here you can learn some helpful tips to ensure your RV is ready to hit the road.

Clean Everything

While you know you want to clean the interior of the RV before you embark on an exciting trip, you need to also clean some of the outer components. The fact is everything works better when it’s clean. Also, if you allow the grit and dirt to remain in place, it can result in serious wear. Think about applying a coat of quality wax, as well as a UV protectant, to help ensure your RV looks great for your entire trip.

Check the Seals and Seams

You need to make sure you’re keeping close tabs on all of the external seams and seals. Be sure to look for any signs of holes or cracking, especially on the roof of your RV. Water penetration is one of the most damaging factors and can cause serious problems for your RV’s roof and outer structure.

If you’re headed out for a trip and don’t yet have an RV extended warranty, be sure to look into one. These can help you if something goes wrong and avoid hefty out-of-pocket costs.

Learn more about how to get your RV road ready by visiting the Good Sam Auto & RV website.

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