How Renter’s Insurance Protects Individuals Who Rent Properties

by | Apr 4, 2013 | Insurance

Renting is a convenient way to have an affordable place to live without the responsibility of having to make home repairs and deal with the other headaches that come with home ownership. When it comes to filing an insurance claim for the loss of personal belonging, whether from theft or a natural disaster, many renters mistakenly believe that the landlord receives reimbursement for each renter for personal losses. However, a landlord usually receives reimbursement only on the property and not for personal belongings of the renters.

If a fire destroys a large part of an apartment complex, the landlord will receive coverage for the loss of the building and property, but the renters will be responsible for their own personal items. That’s why every renter, even those with only a few valuables, needs to consider renters insurance. Shawnee, KS insurance agencies can help nearby KS renters find affordable coverage that protects personal belonging and can provide coverage should someone get injured at an apartment or rented home.

How Renters Insurance Protects You

You may think that you don’t have enough valuables worth insuring and want to avoid paying extra for renters insurance. Shawnee, KS residents need to consider everything they own as having some sort of value. If your apartment complex floods and you lose your furniture, electronics, and bedding, wouldn’t you need some money to help you start refurnishing your residence? Renters insurance is what helps you get some of the money needed to start over.

Choosing the Best Policy

Before taking out a policy, it’s best to research Renters Insurance in Shawnee KS and find the best agency that understands your needs. In some situations you may need insurance coverage for items that are kept outside of your residence and are at a higher risk of being stolen or damaged.

One example would be if you ride a bicycle to work and want to insure it against damage or theft. You may be able to get a renters insurance policy that includes the bicycle. An agent that specializes in renters insurance in Shawnee, KS will know the exact policy you need and help you choose the right insurance.

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