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by | May 31, 2010 | Insurance

insuranceGeneral insurance can include any insurance including a health insurance, motor insurance, house insurance or travel insurance. One can easily get an idea about the obligations such as the special amenities, the insurance and the protection they enjoy with a general insurance policy on the internet. Besides this, a person can even get insurance quotes from different general insurance companies on the internet.

Basically, general insurance includes all type of insurance excluding life insurance. Generally speaking, a general insurance doesn’t include any investment, but it can cover the risk of other natural, economical, individual and political risks. There are some general insurance products especially for individuals, which comprises of motor, travel, health, home, student and business insurance.

Advantages of purchasing a general insurance policy:

You can purchase a general insurance policy to save yourself from the loss of any unforeseen circumstances. You will also need to decide upon the mode of payment, premium amount and the tenure of a general insurance policy. The more premium you pay, the more cover you will get and the less tenure it will have. On the other hand, the less insurance premium amount you pay, the more will be its tenure and coverage period.

Risks covered by general insurance companies:

With the help of a general insurance policy, individuals can easily protect themselves against any type of losses. This way, general insurance secure a person from any type of loss that may or may not occur. However, there are specific risks that general insurance companies cover. For instance, a home insurance policy covers individuals against the possibility of loss to their property. The risk of natural calamities and thefts are also covered.

While an auto insurance policy covers vehicles against damages caused due to accidents or collision, medical insurance policy can offer financial security individuals against serious illness.


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