Five Easy Steps to Home Ownership in Michigan

by | Oct 7, 2013 | Insurance

Once you’ve decided you are ready to buy a home in Michigan, there are five steps you should take to make the process as easy as possible.

1. Get a Pre-Approved Mortgage
You want to work with an excellent bank manager to make sure you have a pre-approved mortgage before you even speak to a real estate agent. A pre-approved mortgage will tell you how much you can afford as well as avoid disappointment should you want to make an offer on a house and then do not receive financing. A pre-approved mortgage and letter will also give you an edge when negotiating once you do make an offer.

2. Find a Good Realtor
Find a trusted realtor working with your best interests at heart. You want someone who knows the area, who understands fair market value for the area and who will recognize warning signs during negotiations. You also want someone who will listen to your wish list and not waste your time showing you houses you would never consider buying. A good realtor will also have information on the area itself, the schools and even potential resale value, all very important aspects of your first home purchase.

3. Make your Offer
Once you find your home your realtor will come in handy when you are faced with challenges such as multiple offers. It is a competitive market out there and you will be glad to have a good negotiator on your side if faced with this challenge. Your pre-approved mortgage will come in handy as well when the current owners know your deal is more likely to go through.

4. Find a Lawyer
You will want to have a good lawyer to help seal the deal and handle all of the paper work as well as be on your side in the “buyer beware” rules of real estate.

5. Get Homeowners Insurance
Finally you will want the best homeowners insurance Traverse City, MI agent to make sure your new home is properly covered for theft and damages.

You want to work with the best possible team to find your dream home, arrange for financing and provide the proper homeowners insurance needs. Following these five steps will make it all easier.

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