Finding Success in the Competitive, Rewarding Industry of Life Insurance Sales

by | Aug 28, 2013 | Insurance

In this imperfect world, there will always be a need for life insurance.  The overworked father heading to the office daily to support his wife and young children, the middle-aged single mother concerned about providing for her teenaged kids once she has passed away, the elderly couple who doesn’t want funeral expenses placing a financial burden on their families – the need for the guarantee of financial security is great.  One of the greatest keys to peace of mind when facing thoughts of the unknown is life insurance.

The life insurance industry is competitive, but those who find success selling life insurance policies often reap the benefits of lucrative income, incentives and bonus programs, lists of sales leads provided by their employers and, perhaps most beneficial of all, the reward of knowing they are helping others prepare themselves and their loved ones for the inevitable.

Unlimited Earning Potential
While there are different types of insurance agents, different pay scales, and different commission percentages, one truth is shared between insurance jobs – insurance careers provide unlimited earning potential to a motivated, sales-minded individual.  The insurance industry is an exciting one that can be a rewarding and profitable career for the right person.

Incentive and Bonus Programs
In addition to basic rewards such as income and a sense of purpose, the selling of life insurance often brings perks offered by insurance companies as incentives for their staff.  Insurance companies boast incentives such as bonuses, vacations, and stock holdings to representatives who meet sales quotas.

At American Classic Agency, we pride ourselves on operating as one team with one dream.  Our goal is to provide quality insurance sales to clients by empowering sales agents with tools such as insurance leads, competitive salaries, and motivating bonus programs.  Visit us at for information about starting a career in insurance sales with our company.


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