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Find Affordable and Reliable Contractors Insurance in Atlanta GA

Find Affordable and Reliable Contractors Insurance in Atlanta GA

As a contractor, you may wish to have an insurance policy that covers all risks related to the project you are undertaking. The type of policy plan that is ideal for you is Contractors Insurance. It covers uncertain and sudden physical damage of any kind that might result from the construction work. The coverage is inclusive of the site formation, including all the building material. Beneficiaries of this type of insurance plan include the building contractors, project owners and land development firms.

There are three main options in Contractors Insurance in Atlanta GA. General Liability Insurance is the main coverage under this package plan. It covers protection against lawsuits and any financial liabilities that could be potentially damaging. Commercial Vehicle Insurance covers all the vehicles that you use during the construction, like trucks, trailers, vans or cars. Business Owners Insurance covers garages, warehouses and other business related property. It combines general liability with other business related coverage like commercial insurance, property insurance, and loss of income insurance among others.

The policy has some exclusions that are usually clarified when you visit American Insurance Agency Services. They include:

  • Strikes, riots and civil unrest
  • War, terrorism or any loss or damage due to nuclear weapons or radioactive compounds
  • Penalties due to delays or distraction as a result of inadequate and faulty designs
  • Repairing or replacing defective material or workmanship
  • Illness of employees of the insured or any other contractor linked to the project

It is imperative that you do a background check on the credibility of an insurance company before purchasing this contractors policy plan. The company must be financially stable. It is very important that you entrust your money with a company that is financially stable. Go through reviews to establish the record of repayment of insurance claims. Most importantly, check the cost of the insurance plan and see if it is comparable to other policies available.

The policy has some benefits that come along with it. It offers the widest coverage for contractors. It also covers the insured’s liability to third parties. Lastly, you have the option to jointly insure the contractor and the owner of the project, as well as subcontractors. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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