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by | Jan 29, 2013 | Auto Insurance

Many people have probably never heard of the term classic car insurance. However, it does exist for those leisure cars that are considered second vehicles. This insurance is reserved for those vehicles that are considered classics. To qualify for the insurance, your vehicle must be more than 10 or 15 years old depending on the insurance provider. The following are some facts you ought to know about classic car insurance La Grange.

The first point you should note is that these vehicles are not insured as first vehicles but as second vehicles under a specialist policy. This is because these cars cannot be evaluated as you would a regular car. You will find that many people who own classic cars use them only for leisure driving and therefore consider them second cars.

It is important to note that an insurance policy for a classic car costs much more than insurance for modern car. This may seem strange since they do not have as many gadgets as modern cars. It also may seem strange since insurers often give a higher quotation for a more modern car than for an older model. However, classic cars are considered more valuable than many of their modern counterparts. This is especially true for those cars that are much older and still in great working condition. The value of these cars is much higher today than it was when they were manufactured.

When taking out insurance for a classic car, your car insurance provider will require that you avoid using the classic car as your main vehicle. This is a condition of many insurance providers. This is because the insurance policies limit the mileage on the cars to four figures. This means that you should not use the vehicle to drive to and from work or even to the shops. Exceeding the upper four figure mileage limit will result in a voiding of the insurance policy. You will therefore lose your entire premium and no longer have coverage under the insurance policy.

The pricing of a classic car may be a challenge since the costs vary. However, your car insurance provider in La Grange will use the current market value of the vehicle to give you a quote for your insurance. Once the current market value for the vehicle is agreed upon and all parties are satisfied with the insurance policy, you can begin your payments.

Insurance policies for classic cars are not as strict as policies for other vehicles. If you should decide to opt out of your policy, you merely have to inform the insurance provider. You will find that the insurance provider will not require much from you. They will simply provide you with a letter stating what type of customer you were.

There are various factors about classic car insurance La Grange that you ought to know about if you have a classic car. Find out more Ben Mruk State Farm Insurance.


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