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Auto Insurance Tampa, FL

So you’ve got yourself a car in Florida. Congrats! If you live in Tampa, FL, auto insurance is a must, not just for your own financial security; it’s the law. Florida law requires every person who operates an automobile to be insured, as a means of protecting all state drivers from suffering a serious financial loss after an accident.

This is where things get a bit tricky. You know you need auto insurance, but what company do you go with? What policy is best for you? Who’s going to be there when you need them the most, and treat with you with compassion and respect?

Scope of Coverage
When shopping for a good auto policy, you want to find a firm that offers comprehensive coverage that will take care of your needs if disaster strikes. A good policy for the average Floridian should always cover:

  • Damaged property
  • Personal liability
  • Medical expenses

These expenses accrue after almost every accident, so they are vital to your insurance policy. Without these elements of coverage, you open yourself up to the possibility of being sued if found at fault in an accident.

Of course, depending on the area you live and the frequency of which you use your vehicle, you will probably want even greater coverage for the following:

  • Car damage
  • Theft of vehicle
  • Legal responsibility on personal injuries
  • Medical costs from treatments and rehabilitation
  • Lost income
  • Funeral expenses

Sure, it’s a bit more expensive to comprehensively cover your own needs, but isn’t the peace of mind priceless? You never want to find yourself in a financially devastating situation thinking, “I should have…” Now is the time to check your policy and make sure you’re prepared.

Deciding on the Best Insurance Firm

Once you have a bit of an idea of what kind of coverage you need, you have to settle on the right firm. Everywhere you go, auto insurance companies will claim they excel in service and can offer a better value, but how do you know who to go with? You can always go with the cheapest route, but if you really want great coverage at an exceptional value, there are other factors to consider. Cheaper doesn’t always mean you’re getting a decent value. Car owners need an established and independent insurance agent with a proven track record on both the service, and payout of policy.

Furthermore, you want to work with an agent that is attentive, available, and compassionate in your time of need. It’s awful enough to be in an accident. The last thing you want is an unresponsive, uninterested insurance agent that clearly couldn’t care less about who is on the other end of the line. It’s critical to work someone that will view you like a family member and listen to your needs carefully. Especially in the moments after an accident, you need to be able to rely on a prompt and available agent that can guide you through every step of your claims.

Call A. Kilbride Auto Insurance for a quote, and let us help guide you through the process.

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