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All About an Auto Insurance Boston Policy

An auto insurance Boston policy is an agreement between an individual and an insurer that covers vehicles. The insured pays a certain amount called a premium to the insurer who in turn promises to support any losses that are financial, and are involving the vehicle for the period of the life span of the policy. This agreement is compulsory in this state and offers many types of benefits and coverage.

The comprehensive policy is probably the most common type of coverage that generally covers cars that are new, or nearly brand new to those that have a high-value in the market. It protects the owner from any possible thing that could go wrong from theft, damage, and injury among others. It is, however, expensive, and one does not need to show fault when filing a claim.

The special car policy is designed to cover classic cars from all possible scenarios like the comprehensive. It, however, sets limits as to how far and often you can drive your vintage car in any given year. Further information on this type of auto insurance Boston policy can be sourced from the insurer in Boston.

Fire, third party, and theft policy cover only the damages that are incurred if you are at fault, when the car catches fire and if it is stolen. It is an inexpensive alternative to the comprehensive and is ideally suited for vehicles with depreciated values. In case another car hits you, you cannot file a claim and instead let the insurer of the individual that hit you pay for damages.

Without a policy, you are liable to pay for the repair of your car in case of damages caused in an accident. You are also responsible for the payment of your medical bills and liable to pay compensation to other victims if you are the one who caused the accident. All these obligations come from your pocket and can drain you financially.

Benefits of auto insurance in Boston policy include receiving discounts for theft devices installed and or acquiring more than one policy with the same insurer. The policy also extends to others driving your car with your permission. Contact your local insurer’s office for more details on the benefits and types of policies available.

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