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4 Myths Surrounding Commercial Insurance in Mundelein IL

4 Myths Surrounding Commercial Insurance in Mundelein IL

Where commercial auto coverage is concerned, some myths keep making the rounds. Read on for a list of those myths, along with some information meant to debunk them. Hopefully, these answers can help customers make an educated decision when comparing prices on Commercial Insurance in Mundelein IL.

Myth #1: Seasonal Businesses Should Cancel Coverage During the Off-Season

This isn’t always true. If a policy is cancelled, vehicles aren’t protected during storage. Liability coverage might not be necessary during an off-season, but comprehensive coverage provides protection from incidents such as weather, theft and vandalism. These policies are continuous, which can save companies money in the form of decreased renewal fees. Business owners can consider dropping to comprehensive coverage during downtime, rather than cutting insurance completely.

Myth #2: Employees are Always Covered in Commercial Vehicles

Here’s yet another erroneous assumption. Some Auto Insurance companies only offer coverage to named drivers; owners should check their coverage to see if it allows “permissive use”, which covers all drivers who’ve received permission to drive.

Myth #3: Buying All Business Coverage from the Same Company Can Save Money

Odds are, a business needs more than one type of insurance. Depending on the industry, a business owner may need commercial vehicle insurance, worker’s compensation and general liability coverage. While it’s simple to bundle policies, some businesses can save by buying coverage separately. Compare prices and packages to find a good deal, or ask an agent for multiple quotes.

Myth #4: All Insurers Offer Day/Night Service

This may surprise some, but many insurers only answer the phone during business hours. That can make adding a vehicle, filing a claim or paying a bill difficult to say the least. The more availability a company has, the faster they can get a business back on the road after a loss. Before buying a policy, the business owner should check with the insurer to find out their hours of operation.

There are many perceptions about Commercial Insurance in Mundelein IL, and some of them are true while some are false. If a person has questions or concerns about their coverage, they should talk to a local insurance agent. Just as customers come to a business for expert advice, business owners should rely on agents as a way to find the coverage they need. Visit here for more information.

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