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4 Mistakes Seniors Make When Shopping for Health Insurance in Peoria, AZ

4 Mistakes Seniors Make When Shopping for Health Insurance in Peoria, AZ

Seniors face unique challenges when it comes to shopping for health insurance. They might not be sure of the best options available, or they may have pre-existing conditions that make it challenging to find affordable coverage. This blog post will cover 4 mistakes seniors often make when shopping for health insurance in Peoria, AZ, and how you can avoid them!

Not understanding how the Affordable Care Act affects them

Some seniors are unaware that they may qualify for free or low-cost coverage under the Affordable Care Act. They might not realize that their income and tax filing status help determine what kind of health insurance they can receive on the health insurance marketplace.

Not realizing that Medicare is not a substitute for private insurance and does not cover everything

Some seniors mistakenly believe that Medicare is a substitute for private insurance. They might also not realize that some of their health expenses are still out-of-pocket, such as co-pays and prescription drug costs.

Relying on an agent who sells only one company’s products or services rather than comparing different providers’ offerings

Seniors may not be aware of all the options available to them, including Medicare Advantage plans and Medigap policies. These are both private health insurance coverage that can help pay for some or many out-of-pocket costs associated with traditional Medicare Part A and B benefits.

Waiting until they have a health emergency before shopping for insurance

Seniors need to keep their health in check by staying on top of preventive care, such as routine doctor visits and immunizations. Waiting until they’re sick or injured before looking for coverage is a mistake because the insurance company may not insure them if there’s an existing condition that hasn’t been disclosed.

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