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The Crucial Importance of Obtaining Uber Driver Insurance in Chicago

Posted by on Jun, 2018 in Auto Insurance | 0 comments

Based on a recent report published by CNN Tech, Uber now has more than 740,000 drivers operating within the United States and this ultra-popular ride-sharing organization is worth upwards of $69 billion. However, if you happen to be contracted by Uber, it’s important to note that you are officially classified as a commercial driver, which is why you have to obtain dedicated Uber driver insurance as soon as possible. Why Do I Need Special Insurance? The automotive insurance codifications...

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Liability Insurance for Commercial Clients

Posted by on Jun, 2018 in Insurance | 0 comments

No matter how professional, responsible and attentive to detail you are, it is essential to have your business covered with liability insurance. Accidents will happen, it doesn’t matter how careful you are, but when they do it is important to make sure that should a lawsuit be brought against your company, it won’t result in a massive financial debt, or even worse the closure of your business. Protect yourself, and your employee’s jobs by getting insured. Four Different Types...

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Why You Might Need Garage Keeper Coverage, Find Insurance Services

Posted by on Jun, 2018 in Insurance | 0 comments

If you are running an auto repair shop, you understand the damages and risks that are associated with this type of business. From accidents in the parking lot and on test drives to injuries and damages because of malfunction and incorrect use of equipment, you need to have a plan in place to tackle these challenges should they occur. Accidents do happen, even with the best intentions, so consider getting a garage keeper policy. Having insurance can give you...

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How to Choose a Business Insurance Company in Elyria, OH

Posted by on Jun, 2018 in Business Insurance | 0 comments

Having the right insurance policies in place will protect businesses of any size, but since all businesses operate a differently, they all need different coverages. This can make it hard to choose a Business Insurance Company in Elyria OH. Those who are looking for the right insurance broker can read on to find out more about how to choose an agent or company below. Ask About Similar Clients As with hiring any kind of specialist, it’s important to inquire...

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Having a Policy for Life Insurance in Palm City FL With a Charitable Organization as Beneficiary

Posted by on May, 2018 in Life Insurance | 0 comments

People usually buy life insurance in Palm City FL to provide for their families and pay for their final expenses. A life insurance policy also can name a charitable organization as the beneficiary. Cash donations and gifts of necessary supplies are valuable for tax deductions while the person is still alive. Naming the organization a beneficiary of Life Insurance in Palm City FL can provide an even larger amount of money than the person was ever able to make...

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Understanding the Specifics of SR-22 Forms

Posted by on May, 2018 in Insurance | 0 comments

One of the most common questions when it comes to automotive insurance forms is what the SR 22 form in Chicago is. Those who have had a great driving record may not know what this insurance is and those who are required to have access to it may not know where to start. We’ll look at some of the most common questions about the form and offer insight if you need to acquire one. What is an SR 22?...

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Types Of Business Insurance In Hancock County, Ohio

Posted by on May, 2018 in Business Insurance | 0 comments

In Ohio, business owners review the right combination of policies to provide heightened protection for their companies. The policies manage liabilities, worker-related injuries, and auto accidents that lead to financial losses. The coverage is applied to the business property as well. A local insurance provider can explain the different types of Business Insurance in Hancock County Ohio. Global and General Liability Global and general liability insurance present a combined effort to protect the company from financial ruin. The policies...

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