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What To Do When You Have A Life Insurance Claim

What To Do When You Have A Life Insurance Claim

During a time of bereavement, you are likely feeling very stressed and overwhelmed. With so much to do and plan, it can seem as though you hardly have time to even process what has happened. In time, things will slow down and you will be able to get a better handle on your feelings. However before then you will need to handle the administrative side of things such as filing a life insurance claim. Understanding what to do after a loved one has passed on will help to make things a little easier.

Getting a death certificate

After your loved one has passed on, before filing a life insurance claim, you will need to obtain the death certificate. The death certificate can be obtained in a variety of ways however the primary way is to obtain copies from the funeral director. Speak to the local funeral director at the funeral parlor where your loved one will be buried. Getting a death certificate will substantiate your life insurance claim and help the process move forward much more smoothly.

Contact the Life Insurance Company

Once you have the death certificate, you will then need to follow up with contacting the life insurance company. You’ll want to let them know of your intent to file a life insurance claim so they can let you know what steps you need to take. After informing you of how to proceed they will process your life insurance claim in an orderly and timely manner. Although this is a difficult process, by following the steps you can facilitate the redemption of your claim simply and efficiently.

Filling out the claim form

After contacting the life insurance company, you will need to fill out the claim form accurately and efficiently. The information on the form will be available to help you to get your claim processed much more quickly.

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