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Tips for Getting Home Insurance in New Haven as a First-Time Property Owner

Tips for Getting Home Insurance in New Haven as a First-Time Property Owner

If you have just purchased your very first home, congratulations but have you considered purchasing home insurance in New Haven to protect this big investment? If so, this is a wise move because home insurance in New Haven will cover you in the event that the worst happens. Should a natural disaster, fire or theft result in damages to your property, you will be able to afford the costs of rebuilding it if you select the correct policy. It is not just the property that can be covered by this type of insurance though, because you can get additional forms of home insurance in New Haven, including contents insurance. Here are some useful tips to help you find an appropriate, affordable policy.

Know Your Situation

First things first, pay attention to your situation and use it to your advantage. The type of property you own will affect the price of home insurance in New Haven and when you speak to an agent, he or she will request property information from you. When gathering quotes together make sure you tell the agent about the square footage, the year it was built, the style and the location. The reason you have to tell the agent about the location is because if you live in an area with a high crime rate, your policy may cost more. You should also inform the insurance company about any recreational equipment that sits on your property or grounds.

Seek Out Providers

Once you have noted down the basic information relating to your property you will need to seek out providers of home insurance in New Haven. Make sure you pay close attention to customer service, because claims and queries can be handled quicker when the communication is at its height. Get some word-of-mouth referrals from people you trust and use websites to compare customer testimonials from each company.

Be Honest

When you narrow down your options and find a company that you want to purchase home insurance in New Haven from, you should contact the agent. It is essential that you are brutally honest at this time because if you lie at this stage, you may not be covered further down the line. If the agent asks you about previous claims, make sure you tell them so that they can find a suitable type of coverage. By establishing a good relationship with the agent you can learn more about coverage and get cheap policy renewal quotes.


Soon after your purchase a property it is essential that you get quotes for home insurance in New Haven. The reason for this is because you could suffer financially if you do not have this type of policy put into place. Fittings, fixtures and the building itself will all be covered by home insurance and you can get a quote and financial services from a reliable company by visiting


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