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Saving on Auto Insurance in Greensburg PA by Teaching Your Teen to Drive Safely

Most statistics about teen drivers are not good. The IIHS says that a 16-year-old has six times the severe accident risk of a driver between 30-59. Considering that, it’s little wonder why premiums are so high for teen drivers. However, some insurers take a brighter view of younger drivers—and there are ways to cut costs.

Here are ten ways to lower monthly Auto Insurance in Greensburg payments for your teen driver. Help the teen learn the rules of the road, and be sure they follow them. The simplest and best ways to lower teen premiums is for the youngster to keep a clean driving record. Some states place restrictions on younger drivers—as a parent, you should know the local laws and encourage your teen to abide by them.

Model good behavior. Do you drive aggressively, tailgate or speed? Do you get angry enough to yell at other motorists? If you do such things, you cannot expect your children to behave differently. Change your own driving habits, and you will find it easier to teach your teen to drive safely.

Add your teen to your insurance policy. Rather than getting a separate policy, add them as a driver so all of your discounts apply to them as well.

Encourage good academic performance. Ask your insurer if there is a good-grades discount available. Find out how much you’ll save, and give that amount to your teen. You’ll be rewarding them for their performance in school, and they’ll be motivated to continue.

Don’t get them a sports car. It’s more important to get them a practical, safe and reliable car—which will lower your payment each month, and leave your teen less tempted to ‘hot rod’ around town.

Get into the passenger’s seat. When your teen got their license, they were a safe driver—but how are they doing now? Go for a drive with your teen, and if you see them breaking rules, point it out. If they’re following the rules of the road, praise their efforts. Following the suggestions above will help you save on Auto Insurance Greensburg PA, and it will help your teen be a safer driver.

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