Options To Traditional Employee Health Insurance Plans In Asheville, NC

by | Aug 17, 2020 | Health Insurance

In the past, businesses in Asheville, NC, searching for alternatives to traditional programs for employee health insurance had very few options. Today, things have changed, with the ability for businesses to join medical health providers through specialized memberships.

Traditional options in employee health insurance Asheville, NC are restrictive and include a lot of red tape, exceptions from coverage, and are often more costly for the business than they initially appear. In addition, policy coverage is changing on an ongoing basis, creating challenges for businesses to ensure full coverage for their employees.

An Alternative to Employee Health Insurance

Businesses and companies of all sizes and across all industries in Asheville, NC, now of the option to become members in an integrative medical health practice.

These memberships are highly competitive in pricing. They offer exceptional options for small businesses. Often these small business owners face challenges in finding health insurance for employees as larger insurance companies do not make money off of the smaller scale policies.

The benefits of these memberships for small or large businesses include a set monthly group rate fee, no-cost services, wholesale prices on labs and pharmacy, and discounts in working within the practice’s network of providers.

In addition, the best of these membership-based plans offer preventative services and lifestyle change support for employees. These services can include health and nutrition coaching, which provides personalized support for a positive change in lifestyle. Proactive changes are essential in reducing the risk of specific types of disease while also helping employees to reach their personal health goals.

At Integrative Family Medicine of Asheville, PLLC, we offer a cost-effective option to traditional types of employee health insurance.


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