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What Is Included In A Basic RV Insurance Policy In Monroe MI

What Is Included In A Basic RV Insurance Policy In Monroe MI

When a person buys an RV, the chances are they are investing a great deal of money. Because of this, they want to be sure the  investment is protected. When a person purchases an RV Insurance Policy in Monroe MI, they should understand what is covered under a basic policy.

Collision Coverage

If the driver is involved in an accident, the collision coverage will pay for any damage to the RV regardless of who is at fault. Many policies cover the items inside the RV that were damaged as well. If the individual is financing or leasing their RV, this type of insurance would be a requirement.

Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive coverage covers things that are not included in the collision coverage. This includes theft, fire, damage from storms, floods, or other natural disasters. If the RV were damaged by a falling object or vandalism, this insurance would cover these things as well.

Property Damage Liability

If the driver causes an accident and damages another person’s vehicle or property, this type of insurance will cover it. This can save the RV owner from paying for these damages out of their own pocket, which can be very expensive.

Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist

If the RV is hit by a driver who doesn’t have insurance, this type of coverage would pay for the damages. The same is true if the RV owner is the victim of a hit and run. Even though there would be no driver around to take responsibility, the RV owner wouldn’t need to pay for the damages.

Medical Payment Coverage

Regardless of who is at fault, this type of insurance would cover the medical bills for the RV owner and their passengers. If the RV owner caused the accident, this coverage would pay for the medical bills of the people in the other vehicle.

Optional Coverage

There are a few other types of coverage that the RV owner should consider purchasing. Roadside assistance, towing, and labor is very important. If the RV breaks down on the road, the roadside assistance will pay for someone to help. If the RV needs to be towed, it can be very expensive. This is a great coverage to have.

The best way for an RV owner to protect their vehicle and themselves is to purchase an RV Insurance Policy in Monroe MI. For more information, visit

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