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The Key Differences Between General Auto Insurance and RV Insurance in Lancaster PA

The Key Differences Between General Auto Insurance and RV Insurance in Lancaster PA

It is entirely possible to get a mostly generic auto insurance policy for an RV. The policy will cover the spectrum of a typical policy, including full comprehensive coverage or a simple liability policy. But, these details are designed around a regular work vehicle and sedan. It does not directly carry over to an RV. It certainly does not account for people that are going on long trips for weeks at a time in their RV. They will require an RV Insurance in Lancaster PA policy that specifically caters to their large and well-traversed recreational vehicle.

Covering the Contents

One key difference is in the contents. An auto policy for an RV will not cover the contents of the RV. Anything that is not directly connected to the RV will not be covered at all. This likely means that theft will only be paid for if the vehicle itself was damaged.

A typical auto policy will not cover a family or individual who is living out of their RV. They will drop the policy because that breaches the agreement. For example, a family may have been robbed, and items were stolen from their RV. The RV itself was damaged. The policy may consider paying for the damages until they realize that the family was living out of the RV. The RV was targeted because of this. The policy is seized.

Comprehensive for an RV

Specifically designed RV Insurance in Lancaster PA will cover the contents of the vehicle. It may even cover any injuries that could occur through theft or assault. The regular coverage will not come into play if, say; a child throws a rock through the window. That is because the RV was not being used like a typical vehicle. It is a policy type that protects the RV the sensible way.

There is a general auto policy that will cover an RV. There is also a specific RV policy that covers the intricacies and specific attributes and elements of a recreational vehicle. Hopefully, the above has determined why the latter works far better. RV owners can receive RV coverage at Susquehanna Insurance Management Ltd.

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