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Important Information on Purchasing Auto Insurance in Austin, TX

Important Information on Purchasing Auto Insurance in Austin, TX

The state of Texas requires all drivers to pay for any damages they cause, so most choose to carry liability insurance. It is imperative drivers protect themselves by carrying, at least, the minimum insurance requirements so they do not end up having to pay exorbitant amounts out of their own pockets. Understanding the state requirements and working with an insurance agent will allow drivers to purchase adequate Auto Insurance in Austin TX.

The state of Texas has two minimum auto insurance requirements:

* Drivers must purchase a policy that covers $30,000 for each person for a total of up to $60,000 in injury coverage.

* Drivers must also have coverage for property damage of up to $25,000.

Although these are the only requirements by law, there is more coverage that can be purchased to ensure a driver and a vehicle’s occupants are fully covered. One of the areas of coverage most agents recommend is uninsured motorist coverage. Though most states require drivers to carry liability insurance, this does not mean every driver is compliant. When a person is hit by a driver who is uninsured, this coverage will provide compensation for their injuries and damages.

Collision coverage is especially beneficial because it pays for damages to a driver’s car when they are responsible for the accident. This can be added in addition to the basic coverage to ensure a driver is fully covered, whether the accident was their own fault or the other driver’s.

Newer car owners will appreciate the benefits that come with comprehensive coverage. This type of insurance coverage covers car damages that do not result from a car accident, such as hail damage and vandalism. Many drivers feel more at ease knowing they have full coverage on their vehicles so they are always protected from any type of damage.

Those who are in need of Auto Insurance in Austin TX need to make sure they have at least the minimum amount of coverage the state requires. To receive help with your insurance purchase, contact the office of Patrick Court. He and his staff will provide you with the full insurance services needed so you can rest assured you meet the law requirements and are protected.

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