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Homeowners Coverage From an Insurance Company in Monroe County MI Helps Prevent the Risk of Lawsuits

Homeowners Coverage From an Insurance Company in Monroe County MI Helps Prevent the Risk of Lawsuits

One reason property owners have homeowners insurance is to be protected in case anyone is ever injured on their land. People who do not have a mortgage on the property are not required to have this insurance, but nearly everyone continues to keep the coverage. An independent Insurance Company in Monroe County MI can provide details of policies from different companies so consumers can learn which option is best for their needs.

In the unlikely event someone is hurt at the house or elsewhere on the property; the person can make a claim against the homeowner’s insurance coverage. The company pays for the claimant’s medical bills, so his or her own health insurance is not tapped for the charges, and the person also will not owe any co-pay or deductible amounts. Also, lost wages during recovery are paid as well. Additional expenses also are covered, such as adaptive equipment that could include a walker or cane to be used temporarily.

Having a homeowners policy from an Insurance Company in Monroe County MI offers the distinct advantage of avoiding a lawsuit if someone is hurt on the property. If there is no insurance, the owner is still liable for the person’s expenses. In some instances, the episode may not be terribly serious. Consider what might happen if someone slips and falls on an icy sidewalk. The person might suffer a severely sprained ankle that needs attention from a doctor. The need to use a cane or a crutch for a week or two may be necessary. Although this is not an incident to simply be shrugged off, much worse injuries can occur when someone falls on ice. Breaking a hip or suffering a vertebral fracture result in substantial medical expenses and may cause permanent disability.

When deciding on a deductible, homeowners need to consider what they can afford to pay in this type of incident. A $10,000 deductible means lower premiums, but it also leaves the property owners at risk of having to pay that amount should they ever need to make a claim. Get more information from an independent agency such as the Insurance Center of Monroe.

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